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PT. Dharma Bandar Mandala (DBM) is a Freight Forwarding company that provides air, sea, and land transportation service management. Established on 27th January 1999 PT. DBM initiated the business as the general sole agent of Mandala Airlines. Successful in air cargo industry, the company expanding the business as a warehousing operator for Domestic and International fright forwarding. In addition PT. DBM also engaging a courier service (JASTIP). Twenty one branch offices with three divisions all across Indonesia are how PT. DBM marked their networking and company reliability in transport service management business.

Responsible and highly experience professional and expert dedicated staff is the foundation of the company cultural background in running the business. Giving the right customer service and customer value has made PT. DBM as a trustworthy Freight Forwarding company by offering the best Cost efficient solution for our domestic and international customers.